If you have already started training school searching, then you have probably seen a bunch of good ones. There are several reasons people start a permanent makeup training course, including compliance to the state guidelines that require certification before performing permanent cosmetics, or a desire to learn and improve.

But whatever the reason, the task of picking the best academy may seem daunting. It involves evaluating where you can learn the most, who has the best program offerings, and the cost it would entail. This article could help you in choosing the training academy that best suits you.

Enrolling in a training academy is one step closer to achieving a career in this lucrative work. So start your career with a bang with the right school, ensuring that you gain quality skills that can make you stand out of the increasingly arising, promising permanent makeup artists. Or you may also want to specialize in a particular permanent makeup technique. Here are nine things that you have to consider when picking the right training academy for you.

Programs offered

Permanent makeup covers a wide array of cosmetic practices like microblading, lip blush, and eyeliner. It is vital that you already know what program you want to take since many schools offer them individually. Microblading class is different from a micro-pigmentation class.

If you wish to take up all of these classes, some training centers offer packages where you will learn four or more permanent cosmetics procedures or customized lessons wherein you can choose several methods you want to know. Different techniques are used in applying permanent makeup. Two of these are manual hand techniques and rotary/digital machine techniques. Some schools only teach one method, but some offer more than that.

Also, training academies offer 1-day, 2-day, 3-day sessions, or more, depending on the program you choose and the number of procedures you need to learn. You can choose whichever you want. So see to it that the courses and training days are approved for you. The right training school should also offer a flexible schedule to make ends meet- your available date and time, and theirs.


You might have been taken aback the first time you saw the price charge per program. First things first: check if you are getting the most value out of your money. You can compare different school’s prices, and choose what fits your budget.

Consider checking any inclusions in your pay, like are you paying for the materials you will be using, the models, and the manual? Ask if they might charge you anything along your class’s process, like the supplies you will be using or any overheads. You can also ask for the breakdown of your fees for transparency.

Obtaining new skills may cost you thousands of bucks, but it’s the best investment you can give to yourself, and you might even get the return of investment after gaining a few clients. Some training academies offer payment plan options that allow you to pay monthly or in installments to help you achieve your dreams with no financial pressure.

Check their curriculum

The right training school should have and should show you their curriculum. The curriculum tells you what the academy will teach you and what lesson comprises the 5-day or 3-day training. Does their curriculum for the program include color theory, proper sanitation, and sterilization of instruments, infection control, and artistic techniques?

Apart from the procedure itself, these are the essential things you have to learn in a permanent makeup training school. Some lessons, like the history of permanent makeup, clinic set-up, could be offered as a bonus in some schools. Nonetheless, it would be best to learn the most important stuff, which is the main procedure.

Hands-on experience

Pick the school that lets you experience the procedures first hand, which means you get to work with your hands and with your instructor’s supervision on a live model. You are not only going to listen and watch your teacher, but you get to put it into action too.

Plus, experience is the best teacher, and according to the learning curve theory, the more attempts you have done a thing, the more your performance gets better, and your movements more concise. So you have to make your first couple of trials at the training, then you are confident that you are better when you expose yourself to the field.

The number of students per class

Permanent makeup requires meticulous dexterity skills since you will be working with beautiful faces with no room for mistakes. The school that you are enrolling in should also be meticulous in ensuring that your skills are at their best. Keep in mind that the lesser the students, the more focused they are on you.

The right permanent makeup training class should have, at most, three students per class. On the other hand, one-on-one training classes are available in some good academies, which is the best because the trainer will only be concentrated on you. During hands-on training, they can see every detail you are to do and then point on any inaccuracies.

Credible and experienced trainers

Check if the instructors are certified and have done hundreds of treatments. You don’t want to learn from an unauthorized, inexperienced person. How would you get authorized if the one teaching you is not? Don’t hesitate to ask. Ask for the background of the institution and its staff, including their experience and skillset.

Any school would be delighted to answer any of your inquiries. If not, don’t also hesitate to cross out that training academy from your list of probable schools to enroll at. Their customer satisfaction speaks for itself. However, refrain from asking personal questions that could place the other person in a tight spot. Make your questions subjective.

Post-training support

A training school with post-training support programs can be very helpful and beneficial, especially if you’re planning to create your own permanent cosmetics brand. This post-training support can range from free consultation at any time, to recommendations of clients. This is especially beneficial since you are starting out and haven’t established your name yet. Competition can be heavy, so even modest support can do you some good.

Moreover, if your school is very supportive of you during your involvement with them and much more after learning from them, this community is a gem. Having post-training support would also reflect the academy’s reliability since they keep track of their students, making sure that they gain knowledge and expertise.

Advanced permanent makeup classes

The beauty industry is continually changing and evolving. New technologies are emerging, and better procedures keep on showing up, so training academies should keep up and stay with the pace. One way of knowing that they are is if they are offering advanced classes.

Some academies teach their students how to use emerging technologies, more complicated procedures, and how to continuously improve skills and known processes. These classes also mean that they promote enhancing your skills, taking your competence to a higher level, and wanting to be a part of it.


Most of the permanent makeup artists are self-employed, and a portfolio can lead to possible clients. So while you are training, start early in compiling your outputs, achievements, and successfully done procedures. Some training institutes provide this for you.

They will give you photographs of what you have done during the training so you can show them to your family, friends, or use it for marketing to entice prospective clients. Some academies hand this over at a free cost, but some may ask you to pay for it. Verify the academy’s policies.

Only you can define the best permanent makeup training academy. Your preferences, personality, learning style, and budget can contribute to the decision that you are about to make. And if you are residing in Houston, Texas, or nearby areas, Beauty Techniques – Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is worth checking out.

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