As a permanent makeup artist, you can make good money by creating the illusion of bigger, more defined brows, coloring lips, and cheeks, or even covering up scars from burns or operations. It all begins with learning the profession in a permanent makeup school and obtaining the license required to begin your career.

What Does a Permanent Makeup Artist Do?

Permanent makeup artists use specialized ink and various tools to make a long-lasting change to their client’s skin appearance, complexion, and color. The most common procedures include lip pigmentation, eyeliner, lash enhancement, and treatment on the brows, where advanced techniques such as microblading are used to create thicker, more defined hair.

These are the treatments you’ll learn initially as a beginner and use the most if you plan to work in a salon or spa. However, spas and salons are not your only prospective employment settings, and these procedures do not define the whole craft.

You might use microblading techniques as a cosmetic tattoo artist to provide the appearance of thicker hair on the head. You could help burn patients, or cancer survivors hide scarring from reconstructive surgery or mastectomies.

You might also learn how to conceal pigment deficiencies and maintain color consistency on multi-toned skin. These and other specialties are discussed in greater depth when you enroll at the Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics.

To advance in the beauty industry, you’ll need to develop exceptional hygiene, safety, sanitization, and cleaning skills. Your reputation and success will be determined by client perception, professionalism, and the level of confidence you convey.

How to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

Individualized coaching for microblading artists in Houston, Texas

Becoming a permanent makeup artist differs depending on where you reside, your educational history, and your desired career path. You may begin by becoming an esthetician, and then obtain voluntary certification in cosmetic tattooing. Alternatively, you could begin a permanent makeup program immediately. An apprenticeship might be extremely beneficial if it is not included in your degree. Some states may require you to pass a test to obtain a license.

Permanent Makeup Programs

It’s a big duty to apply makeup that your clients can’t wipe off. Before you meet with your first paying customer, you must become a master of the tools and practices of the profession. However, the program you choose will be determined by your state, as licensure and professional requirements differ greatly from one state to another.

Although most cosmetology programs do not involve permanent makeup classes, numerous training institutes provide multi-day sessions, with some leading to certification in the specialties taught. Estheticians are already knowledgeable in the traditional makeup application and are well-versed in the principles of skincare. Hence, several permanent makeup schools only accept students who have already licensed estheticians.

What Are the Prerequisites for Attending Permanent Makeup School?

The following are common prerequisites, which vary by state and occasionally by program:

  • A high school diploma, GED, or similar qualification is required
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • A valid Social Security number, driver’s license, passport, or other formal identification
  • Some schools will only accept students who work in a relevant field and/or have a license in their field.

How Long Does a Permanent Makeup Program Take?

A permanent makeup program can take a few days to a few years to complete. Usually, you’ll begin with a foundational program that covers the fundamentals. Then you’ll sign up for various training courses based on your areas of interest. Full programs will take much longer because they start from scratch and are tailored to meet state licensing criteria.

What is the Cost of Permanent Makeup Training?

Perfect your understanding of pigments and shades.

The cost of a permanent makeup school varies depending on the school and the cosmetologist. A school that is known for its great teaching is probably further along in its training than one that is not. A school that only offers courses for permanent makeup will charge less than one that offers a more comprehensive range of workshops, but the difference in the quality of training may not be great.

What Can I Expect From Permanent Makeup School?

Permanent makeup school will initially teach you the fundamentals, such as safety, hygiene, and client and station preparation. You’ll learn about the tools of the trade, such as the inks, dyes, pigments, coil tattoo machines, rotary pen machines, and the non-mechanical hand approach that will make your work a lasting fixture in the life of your clients.

It’s worth noting that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that all workers exposed to blood obtain specialized training. This may be included in your curriculum, or you may need to take a separate course before applying for your license. Tattooists, in particular, must learn the proper methods for managing infectious materials, waste disposal, and infection prevention.

How Can I Find the Best Permanent Makeup Program Near Me?

To learn more about the requirements in your state, visit the American Academy of Micropigmentation. Check with your state’s governing board to ensure the information is correct and current.

Examine at least three different colleges, paying special attention to their teachers, career services programs, and reputation among students and industry experts. Check if the colleges you’re considering provide the courses you’re looking for.


As part of your education and training, several states require supervised mentorships, such as apprenticeships. Whatever your state’s requirements are, hands-on training like this is beneficial.

Getting Your License

Before you can start working as a tattoo artist in some states, you must be licensed. Others require you to earn an esthetician license before pursuing specialty permanent makeup training. Other states, however, do not regulate makeup artists at all.

The regulations for obtaining a license vary greatly by state, and the American Academy of Micropigmentation is a useful place to begin your research. 

Permanent Makeup Training in Houston, Tx

Welcome to Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Houston, Tx, where our goal is to help you look your best with permanent makeup! Our training program will help you build your confidence, learn how to apply makeup, and get the most out of your permanent makeup services.

We will take you through the basics of permanent makeup application, including the anatomy of the face, before we move on to more advanced topics such as brow shaping, lash tinting, and lip liner. We also provide you with a makeup portfolio so you can show off your skills to potential future clients and build your brand.

Jumpstart your permanent makeup training career with the Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics!