A fast Google search for microblading eyebrow service will provide nearly 20 million results.  The fact is that microblading is a trending issue in the beauty market and likely will be for years to come as many people are using the service to transform their lives and their everyday activities. It’s a game changer to be able to wake up to gorgeous brows everyday morning without having to put in all the effort before going to work.

People who are suitable candidates for microblading typically have positive effects for up to a year with strong color retention. Although the microblading procedure is still in its infancy, a newer variation is on the rise that promises even more refined and natural-looking eyebrows with longer-lasting color retention and lower risk. We’re talking about the “Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow” service.

The Difference Between Microblading vs. Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow

 Therefore, you may be unsure about which service is best for you or may not fully comprehend the key distinction.  The procedure for Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow is straightforward and is carried out by a highly qualified artist with the aid of a high-performance permanent makeup machine.

You may have totally saturated hair strokes with the Nano services, which also improve retention, causes less damage to the skin, and speeds up the healing process. The skin is not damaged when the pigment is applied with nanomachine strokes. Because more pigment can be implanted into each hair stroke thanks to the nanomachine, the strokes last longer.

Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow: How They’re Made

Before beginning the actual service, the technician will walk you through the process of mapping and sketching your brows exactly as you want them.

When you give the go-ahead, the technician will apply a numbing cream around your brows to ensure there is very little discomfort before starting the nano brow strokes. Be ready to set aside the time because this procedure can take up to three and a half hours.

Is the Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow Service Painful?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Having said that, most clients who underwent this service did not report any pain, and some compared it to brow waxing.

A numbing cream is applied to the area around your brows before the service begins so that you can rest comfortably as your transformation takes place. However, if you do suffer any discomfort, please notify your technician so that they can take any necessary adjustments.

Aftercare and the Healing Process

Gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

After your operation is through, your ability to adhere to the laws of the game is just as crucial as your PMU Microblading Artist being exceptionally skilled at what they do. This will have a significant impact on how well your nano brow heals. Your brows may have a mild itching sensation and small scabbing while they heal.

Don’t worry; it’s all part of the process! Your technician will provide you with an ointment that you should use on your brows every day to soothe and softly moisturize the brow area, which will aid in the healing process. It should take roughly ten days for the whole healing process. During this time, you must adhere to the rules listed below in addition to using the ointment.

  • For at least 10 days, avoid direct water contact with your brows.

This means that if you are planning on engaging in water sports while on vacation, you might need to wait before getting this brow service or adjust your itinerary! This also means that for the next several days, you’ll have to put off any hot yoga or other strenuous activities that make you perspire and make your brows wet.

  • Refrain from picking at your brows if there is scabbing.

Although scabbing should be minimal with the Nano Machine Brow process, you should not pick if it occurs. Picking the skin can remove the pigment, causing the color to fade quickly.

  • Stay out of the sun, which also means refrain from tanning at the beach or in a tanning bed.
  • Applying cosmetics or chemicals to your brows will prevent them from being able to breathe and heal correctly. Avoid doing this to retain the most color possible.

Touch-Ups and Long-Term Results

You will need to return for a touch-up after your initial session, typically 8 to 12 weeks later. By doing so, your artist will be able to monitor your recovery and color retention. If necessary, your brows can be filled in or modified during this time. Touch-up treatments usually run between 30 and 60 minutes.

You will wake up with gorgeous brows for the next three years if you follow the after-care instructions carefully and show up at your touch-up session. You will no longer have to spend all that time filling in your brows each day. You can now spend your extra time as you choose.

You might choose to return earlier than 3 years for a color boost based on the color retention in your brows. It is entirely optional and dependent on personal preference. If you return to the same artist who did the procedure and want to preserve the present shape of your brows, the following session should be quite straightforward and take less time than your initial visit.


A lot of people’s daily lives are changing because of microblading, which is still a popular PMU brow service. However, the new trend Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow is just as good, less invasive to your skin, and can provide even better results.

The requirements for receiving the Nano brow service and the healing and aftercare procedures are quite similar to those for microblading. Keep in mind that how effectively your brows mend and keep the color depends on how strictly you follow the aftercare instructions.

The service lasts for up to three years, although depending on your tastes, you can go back to your brow artist sooner for a touch-up if you see fading. To make sure you’ve chosen the best brow artist for you, it’s usually wise to do your research before using the service.

Do you currently practice microblading? Have you heard of or attempted to learn about Nano Hair Strokes Eyebrow? If you’re looking to learn more about this new trend, get in touch with the Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics today. Our top-notch, private training programs are designed to give our students an advantage over the competition.