Permanent makeup services have become widely popular lately, which is why a lot of people are interested in venturing into this type of business. If you are searching for information on how to become a permanent makeup technician, you’re in the right place. Here at Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, we will be sharing with you an article on what you need to know about being a permanent makeup technician. If you want to know more information, make sure to keep scrolling below to find out. 

What Makes a Great Permanent Makeup Technician?

Nowadays, there is a sudden increase in wanting to become a cosmetic technician because it promises a lot of benefits. One of those benefits is that this industry offers the potential for a lucrative business that allows them to earn a nice income. So if you are an aspiring permanent makeup technician, check out these important factors that clients look for when searching for one. 

Experience, Skills, and Training 

A client will look for a permanent makeup technician who is certified, has proper training, the correct skillset, and of course, the relevant experience. So if you want to become a reliable permanent makeup technician, you need to have the proper training from a licensed makeup facility like Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. 

We offer one-on-one training and small group training, which includes a maximum of 2 students. Our makeup facility is licensed by the state of Texas. Our owner/Master Technician & “Beauty Guru” Linda DeLeon has more than 20 years of experience. We will teach you the manual hand technique, as well as the digital or rotary machine techniques. We are available for training support or product order 24/7 after your training. 

License and Certification 

When a client is interested in hiring your services, they will be asking for proof that you are certified and licensed by the state. At Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, we are licensed by the State of Texas. We will make sure to provide the safest, most effective permanent makeup techniques and applications; we will also help you start with your business practice setup, marketing, products, and training support after we have provided you with training. Not only that, but we will also provide you a student kit that comes with the tools and equipment that you will need so you can practice after you have been given the certification once you have completed the needed training, etc. 

Most schools teach only one technique; at Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, you will have the option to learn different techniques, such as the manual hand technique and the rotary/digital machine techniques. A certified makeup facility will make sure that no shady practices will be done such as reusing needles, and that the proper practices are followed, like proper waste disposal, health-related training, proper sterilization techniques, and other important health and safety considerations. 


When a client is eager to hire you as a permanent makeup technician, you must be ready to provide samples of your work. So it is important to build a portfolio that you can present to your potential customer so you will be able to convince them to hire you. You must compile photos of your previous clients so that they can see your style, technique, skills, and ability.

A reliable permanent makeup technician always comes prepared when a potential client wants to see their portfolio. The sooner you finish your training and certification, the sooner you can build up your portfolio. By getting your training from a prestigious makeup facility with a Master Technician like Linda Deleon, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that you will need to start up your own cosmetic business. 

Client Reviews and Testimonials

When a client is searching for a permanent makeup technician, they will appreciate it if you can provide them with feedback from your previous clients. Providing your client reviews and testimonials will give your potential clients accurate feedback on other people’s results from your work. This will assure them that you are capable of providing great results to your clients. 

Correct Products, Tools, and Equipment 

Permanent makeup needs the use of the right products, such as iron oxide pigments, which are different from the kinds of inks used for body tattoos. The iron oxide pigments provide a soft and realistic look. At Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, when you sign up for a training session with us, we will provide you with a student kit that includes the essential tools that you can use to practice and start up your very own business as a permanent makeup technician.

Furthermore, if you will need further assistance and products, we will be available 24/7 to assist you after you finish your training with us. If you have any questions regarding the types of pigments that we use, please let us know. We will be happy to answer your inquiries and questions. 

Communication Skills 

As a permanent makeup technician, you must be comfortable communicating with your clients. It is an important part of establishing rapport and necessary during the assessment so you can ask them how they feel about the procedure, etc. You must make sure that your client is comfortable. Keep in mind clear communication is important to make your client comfortable before the procedure begins. 

What Are the Different Reasons to Consider Permanent Makeup Training?

A Profitable Occupation

Permanent makeup training will help you get the training you need to become a skilled permanent makeup technician. Permanent makeup is a profitable trade as more clients have been searching for technicians that will help them with their permanent makeup needs. 

A Great Addition to a Makeup Artist’s Resume 

As a makeup artist, you have to continue learning and training to improve your skills. Becoming a permanent makeup technician, obtaining certification, and receiving proper training from a certified makeup facility will give you an edge and advantage over your competitors when applying for a job or when searching for new clients. This will also help your business and increase your income accordingly.

Work Satisfaction

Being a permanent makeup technician will allow you to help a lot of people who are seeking out permanent makeup services. Putting on makeup can take a lot of time every morning, especially if you are rushing to get to work. Permanent makeup can provide a long-lasting positive effect on your clients. If they need touch-up services, you can schedule them accordingly and help make their lives easier. This leads to a more fulfilling career.

Skills Update

There are plenty of makeup artists offering their services to potential clients, but oftentimes, they perform the same methods and styles when they first started their business. As a permanent makeup technician, you have to continue to learn about new techniques and expand your knowledge and skillset so that you can offer them to your potential clients. Getting certified and receiving the proper training for permanent makeup training will help you stay up to date with techniques in the permanent makeup industry. 

Allows Flexibility

When you train as a permanent makeup technician, you are given the flexibility to handle freelance jobs and look for clients according to your free time. Permanent makeup does not require a huge setup, all you need is your kit which includes the essential tools that you need to practice your craft and even start your business. You can be flexible enough to even offer home services. 

Provide a New Opportunity 

By attending permanent makeup training, it gives cosmetic technicians new opportunities. You must undergo training for permanent makeup if you want to improve and develop your skills. This will give you an edge to offer your potential clients. 

If you want to train as a permanent makeup technician and are based in Houston, Texas, you must choose the Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. We are available to train 7 days a week. If you are interested to enroll in our training courses please contact us. If you have any questions about the permanent makeup training, please fill up this contact form hereYou can read some of the testimonials about permanent makeup training hereFor more information about the training courses, you can check out this link hereCheck out this link for more information about permanent makeup one-on-one or small group (maximum of two students) training courses and tuition. 

If you will join our training classes we will be giving you a training kit that includes the tools you will use for your training and practice as you start your permanent makeup business after you get the certification. If you need products and training support after the training, we will be available to provide you with assistance 24/7.

Our training courses are usually offered at 3-5 classes a day. If you want to enroll in our courses, please let us know. You can contact us by calling 832-654-4595 or 832 997 6068, or you can send an email at We are located at Beauty Techniques – Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is located at 2990 Richmond Avenue Suite 370 Houston Texas 77098. If you want to become a certified permanent makeup technician make sure to trust a reliable cosmetic clinic like Beauty Techniques – Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. We will do our best to help you become a great technician for permanent cosmetics.