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Nano Hairstrokes Eyebrows

Specialized training for eyeliner smudging techniques in Houston

Learn step-by-step to creating true hairline eyebrows just like Linda! Let this technique take you to the next level.

You will be take home valuable information and techniques that will impress your clients and separate you from the crowd. In this unique class you will learn techniques and pattern that will turn your eyebrows into art, how to truly make a perfect hair using the digital machine technique, patterns and guidelines that creates the hairline look. You will learn how to do Hair Strokes with a machine.  We will have plenty of drawing time and learning the movement as well as the proper speed. Hair Strokes takes artistic abilities not just drawing lines.

Upon completion, you will receive your certificate.

This is a 2 Day Course with only 1 – 2 Student Training Workshop with our Trainer, Linda DeLeon. 

THIS IS AN ANDVANCED COURSE.  You must be doing Permanent Makeup with a machine already.  

1 Model included

Training Workshop Includes:


    2 Days of Training with you own Training Manual


    Kit included


    One (1) Model for each Student will be done by both Trainer & Student.

Advance Training Criteria


    Must be currently performing Permanent Makeup with machine or you will need to enroll our in our Beauty Techniques’ Beginner Course.