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We’re always looking for “Models” for our students to perform microblading or permanent makeup on during their training with us, and the best part is……it’s FREE!  

It is important to know that all students will receive “direct” supervision under our trainer, Linda DeLeon, a Licensed Master Permanent Makeup Artist and Master Instructor of 20 years, while they are providing services to all our wonderful models. Please be assured you will have Instructor participation and of course, model satisfaction!

If you have always wanted to Wake up with Makeup however it was not in the budget or seemed to expensive, then now is the time!

This is a great opportunity to receive quality microblading & permanent makeup! We are always looking for Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip Blush Models……SIGN UP TODAY!!

Please fill out the questionnaire below and submit a picture.


                  IT’S FREE

All classes are under the direct supervision of Linda DeLeon, Instructor and Master Technician. The Student will follow-up all procedures started by the Instructor, and the Instructor will finalize all procedures to ensure satisfaction.

Please be on time. If a conflict arises and you are going to be late, please notify the school as soon as possible, as the students are waiting on your arrival.

Model appointments are usually 2 – 3 hours. Please plan accordingly.


  • Please submit a full face picture.  NO FILTERS OR MAKEUP ON THE AREA HAVING DONE.

  • Eyebrow Models –  We only accept virgin eyebrows (brows that have never had them done before).  Your brows must have little to full brow hair.

  • Eyeliner Models –  if you had your eyeliner done previously and need  your liner darker or thicker, you are welcome to be a Model.  Models with previous THICK Eyeliner not accepted.  ALL models receive a NATURAL upper and lower eyeliner procedure.

  • Lip Blush Model –  We accept Models with previous Full Lip Color.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT Models with Lip Implants or Fillers.   If you have had fever blisters in the past, you should obtain a prescription from a doctor for Valtrax or Zovirax to help prevent the outbreak of fever blisters and take for one week prior to your appointment and one week after procedure. If you are not able to obtain a prescription, you may also purchase Abreva or L-Lysine from your local drug store, same instructions apply. Take for one week prior to your appointment and one week after procedure.

  • Questionnaire must be filled out before being considered. 

  • A credit card is required to secure your appointment. Your credit card WILL NOT be charged, unless you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment.

  • Please plan accordingly, you will be here for 2-4 hours.

  • Please do not bring your children, family or friends to your appointment.

Models Contact Form



    Powder Fill or Dark & Defined EyebrowsHairstroke EyebrowsMicrobladingEyelinerLips


    Thank you for signing up. Although you signed up to be a Model, You are not confirmed until you receive a return email from Linda with your confirmation time.........please NO PHONE CALLS

    Instructions prior to your arrival:

    You are welcome to leave a gratuity which will cover the cost of product and material used for your service. All gratuities will go directly to the School not the Student.
    • All classes are under the direct supervision of our Trainer. Our Trainer will start all procedures, the Student will continue and Linda will do any final touches to ensure your satisfaction.

    • Models, please understand this is a “Classroom-Learning forum”, not “Show and Tell”, therefore, please DO NOT bring kids, friends or family to your scheduled appointment.

    • All procedures may take 2 to 4 hours to complete as Students are learning.

    • Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. If you are not able to make your appointment, please be kind and call Linda at (832) 654-4595 two days prior, to allow time to find another model. If you call the night before or the day of to cancel, you will be removed from my model list permanently and be charged a $100 fee.

    • Please eat breakfast/lunch prior to arrival and bring your special drink (soda, water, juice, snacks, etc.)

    • If you wear contact lenses and you choose the eyeliner procedure, please bring your glasses and contact case.

    • If you use eyelash serum and are having an eyeliner procedure, please stop using serum for a two to three weeks.  You may resume using after two weeks of your procedure.

    • Any major medical conditions (diabetic, cancer or pregnant) require approval or a doctor’s release.

    • If any questions or concerns, please call Linda directly.

    Pass the Word:

    If your friends and family are interested in a procedure done by a Student,
    please ask them to sign up! We are always needing Models.