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Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics offers permanent makeup training programs that are solely geared toward preparing individuals to enter into the industry with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to excel. Our emphasis is on understanding the basic techniques of Manual and/or Machine application of permanent makeup.

Beauty Techniques IPC is known for its one-on-one training classes, but also offers small 2-person group training. All supplies used during training is provided by the school. The student(s) will learn techniques for applying permanent makeup using the Manual Method (hand tool) and/or Machine Method (rotary and digital). All classes include hands-on training with personal attention from the instructor to help the student(s) confidently master the art applying permanent makeup.

Beauty Techniques IPC provides models at no additional cost for each procedure the student(s) will learn. If the student(s) would like to bring a model(s), they may do so providing the model meets the criteria. All models must go through an approval process before they are selected.Our training courses ranges from 3 to 5 days according to the needs of the student(s), and all classes start on Sunday. Each student will receive a complete starter “Permanent Makeup Kit” with everything needed to start practicing permanent makeup procedures after the course has been completed.

Bonus: After the student has successfully completed the course the student will have 24/7 access to product and follow-up support from the instructor.

Training Criteria and Etiquette:

The student(s) will earn the necessary hours needed to successfully complete the requirements for the Certificate between in-class hours and home study hours.

Home Study Hours

Online “timed” module that must be reviewed prior to the first day of training to educate the student(s) on the industry terminology and best practices.

Hard copy of handbook will be given to the student(s) to take home during training for continues home-study

Offsite practice after completion of certificate to further improve precision of techniques

In-Class Hours

Intensive practice on artificial skin

Hands-on training with live models (based on availability)

Beauty Techniques IPC expectation of the student(s) is to perform 90% of the procedures on the live model(s) with the understanding that each procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete including the consultation.

The student(s) will spend 30% of time practicing on artificial skin to gain precision to perform the procedure on the live model(s). We expect complete dedication to the practice hours in order to prepare for the live model(s), as these model(s) are depending on you to be confident when performing the procedure.

Through many hours of practice and performing procedures on live model(s) you should gain the proficiency needed to achieve success in the Permanent Makeup industry.

Intradermal Cosmetics falls under the Regulation of Tattooing in the Texas Department of State Health Services in Texas.   It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Health Department Agencies in their area and abide by all regulations that may apply.

Learning Permanent Makeup is a process and proficiency is achieved only through practical application.